牛津译林版八上Unit 3 周检测
一、单选题 (共1题,共5分)


We can go to Paris to see ________.

A. the White House B. Harbour Bridge

C. Eiffel Tower D. Opera House

二、句型转换 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Did you have fun when you went out, Tom and Tim?(同义句)

Did you _____________________ when you went out?

【2】The house is very beautiful. It has a big garden.(合并为一句)

The house _________ a big garden _________ very beautiful.

【3】Tom made a model plane on his own.

Tom made a model plane _____________________.

【4】The weight of the bridge is more than 100 tons.

The bridge ___________________ 100 tons.

【5】This hill is shorter than that one.

That hill isn’t so __________________ this one.

三、单词拼写 (共1题,共5分)


【1】Chinese __________ (主席)Xi Jinping visited Southeast Asia and attended the APEC meeting.

【2】The sun is ______________(照耀) brightly in spring.

【3】When you travel in a foreign country, you can also learn its ____________(文化).

【4】His ___________ (主要的) task is to help me with my English.

【5】The bus ____________(到达) at the bus stop at five in the morning.

【6】The children are too young to look after _____________(they)

【7】___________(final) we will go to the top of the mountain with his help tomorrow.

【8】His talk was _____________(bore), but no one left.

【9】One of the ___________ (climb) got to the top of the mountain at last

【10】--How are you feeling today?  --- Even ___________(bad)

四、完成句子 (共1题,共5分)




We couldn’t ___________________________________the bus.


Mary ________ us to ________ their school ____________ the museum just now.


It’s very ________ to see so many ________________________ in the world.


When the famous _________ Leehom Wong ________, the fans ________ very _____.


There are _________ of models of ________________________________ from all over the world.


Tony put photos on his _____________________for everyone to ______________.


The model Golden Gate Bridge _________________________the one back home.


I _______________________________ Nanjing last week .

五、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)


Mr. Jackson was on duty that evening. It was cold and there was

thick snow outside. So few people came to the hospital and he could lie down on the bed in his office and soon he went to___. Suddenly someone knocked at the door and it woke him up. He got up and opened the door. In went an old man. His wife was____ and he asked the doctor to go to look her over.

It was still____when Mr. Jackson came out. The old farmer walked fast and he hardly___ him. It was difficult for him to walk on the snowy roads. When he got to the man’s house, he was very___. He looked over the old woman and found she had a bad cold. He gave her some___and began to return to the hospital. The wind was blowing strongly and he had to walk_____so that he wouldn’t fall over.

And when he was near the hospital, he had a___in his foot.

He walked slowly and at last he went into his office, He___ his shoe and looked at his foot. There was much blood (血) on it. He______ he stepped on (踩) a broken bottle. He looked at his shoe carefully and said to himself,  “Luckily, it didn’t prick(扎)my shoe!”

【1】A. work B. sleep C. study D. write

【2】A. healthy B. strong C. weak D. ill

【3】A. snowing B. shining C. raining D. singing

【4】A. got on well with B. caught up with C. looked after D. listened to

【5】A. sorry B. afraid C. strange D. tired

【6】A. medicine B. food C. water D. sugar

【7】A. quickly B. carefully C. noisily D. heavily

【8】A. hole B. sock C. pain D. pill

【9】A. took off B. put up C. burnt D. sold

【10】A. forgot B. remembered C. understood D. told

六、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


Paul and Jason were brothers who lived and worked on neighbouring farms.For 35 years, they farmed together without any problem.

However,one autumn,things changed.It began with a small disagreement(分歧) about a horse.The difference led to angry words,followed by weeks of silence(沉默) between the two brothers.

One morning there was a knock on Paul’s door.He opened it and saw a builder with his toolbox.“I’m looking for a few days’ work,”the builder said.“Are there any jobs here I could help with?”

“Yes,”answered Paul,very glad to see the builder.“I have a job for you.Look at that farm across the creek(小溪).That’s my brother’s farm. That creek was a grass field in the past,but last week my brother dug a path from the field and made the creek.But I’ll go him one better.See that pile of wood? I want you to build me a fence,two metres tall,so 1 won’t need to see him any more.”

The builder said thoughtfully.“I think I understand the situation(情况) and I'll be able to do a job that makes you happy.”

Paul had to go into town that day and left the builder to his work.When he returned,the builder had just finished his job.Paul was surprised.There was a bridge, but not a fence, from one side of the creek to the other.

As Paul stood on the bridge, amazed,his younger brother Jason came across,and took Paul’s hand.“You are a good man to have built this bridge .”said Jason.

Then,Paul,with tears in his eyes,said to the builder who was ready to go,“Thank you so much. Please stay.I have much more for you to do.”

“I’d love to.”the builder said quietly,“But,I have many more bridges to build.”

【1】What was the cause of the disagreement between the two brothers?

A. The digging of the creek.

B. problem about a farm animal.

C. Who would pay for building the fence.

D. Who owned the field between the farms.

【2】The underlined expression“go him one better”in paragraph 4 means

A. help him out

B. improve(改进) the situation

C. point out his mistake

D. do something even worse

【3】What do we know about the brothers?

A. They liked building bridges.

B. They finally knew their mistakes.

C. Their farms were not very successful.

D. They had been fighting for many years.

【4】Why did the builder build the bridge?

A. He misunderstood Paul’s instructions.

B. He needed a way to get across the river.

C. There was not enough wood for the fence.

D. He wanted to bring the two brothers together.

【5】In what order did the following take place in the story?

a.The brothers stood on the bridge.

b.Jason dug the creek.

c.The brothers became angry with each other.

d.The builder asked for work.

e.Paul went into town.

A. b,c,e,d,a B. c,b,d,e,a

C. b,e,c,a,d D. c,d,b,a,e

七、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)









八、 (共1题,共5分)



【1】_________(take) care of yourself when your parents are not at home.

【2】My mother spent nearly half a day _____________(make) a birthday cake.

【3】We don’t know what _____________(happen) in twenty years. The only thing we can do now is to try our best.

【4】Helen always ______________(try) her best to do everything well when she was at school.

【5】Listen! How terrible the wind ______________(sound)!

【6】The heavy rain made the visitors ______________(stay) in the hotel for a few more hours.

【7】If it ____________(not be) rainy tomorrow, we can go hiking.

【8】Why not keep _____________(work) until you finish it?

【9】The number of cars in cities ______________(become) bigger and bigger these days.

【10】Eddie stopped _____________(tell) the story when he heard the telephone.