一、单词拼写 (共1题,共5分)



【1】Have you ever tried to c__________ any Chinese food here in Beijing, Sally?

【2】Be q__________, Peter, or we'll miss the last bus to our school.

【3】----Can I have a drink?

---Please help y_________. There is some orange juice in the fridge.

【4】N__________cross the road when the traffic light is red.

【5】It is a p__________that the weather is so bad today. We can't go on a picnic.

【6】Enjoy your trip, and keep in t__________with us by email so that we can know more about your trip.

二、完成句子 (共1题,共5分)




__________ you ever____________  ________ the Great Wall in Beijing?


Last night I_______  ________to bed_________my parents got home.


I usually_____  ________   ________with my mum after supper every day.


Two new teaching buildings_____  ________ ________in our school next year.


Look, this is the Black Hole! ________ ___________amazing photo it is!


We should __________talk aloud___________eat in the library.


I wonder______  _______ __________   _________to school on time.

三、完型填空 (共1题,共5分)


  It was a clear day in 1997.Lottie Williams was walking through a park in the US, with her friends_______ suddenly, something tapped on the shoulder. It was about as ______as an empty soda can. Later scientists told her it was a piece of a Delta II rocket that had been used to launch ______satellite.

Many countries around the world have sent satellites into space. We need satellites ______and receive TV and radio signals, and for many _____things. But when they become old or they may ________down or we don't need them any more, we just leave them there. They become space junk.

Scientists think that there are about sixteen ______ objects larger than 10 centimeters wide flying around the earth, and tens of millions of smaller objects, too. _____ travel at around 7 kilometers a second. That’s fast! And it's their speed that makes these pieces of space junk _____ dangerous. If one small piece of space junk_____something at high speed, it _____ do a lot of damage. Luckily, there haven't been many collisions. But in 2009, an old Russian satellite hit and destroyed an American satellite -----and that created 2,000 new pieces of space junk!

Pieces of space junk re-enter the Earth's atmosphere every day, ______ Lottie Williams is the only person____has been hit. The piece that hit her was light, and the air in the atmosphere had slowed it down. Most space junk burns up and doesn't reach the Earth's surface. However, ______ 2011, a metal ball 35 centimeters wide fell to Earth in Namibia, Africa. It made a hole in the ground 30 centimeters deep and over 3 meters wide. Lottie was lucky because she______by that!

【1】A. although B. when C. after D. before

【2】A. heavier B. heavily C. heavy D. heaviest

【3】A. a B. an C. the D. I

【4】A. send B. sending C. to send D. sent

【5】A. other B. others C. another D. the other

【6】A. breaks B. broke C. broken D. break

【7】A. thousands B. thousands of C. thousand D. thousand of

【8】A. This B. They C. It D. Them

【9】A. real B. reality C. really D. more really

【10】A. hits B. hit C. will hit D. hitting

【11】A. should B. can C. must D. have to

【12】A. and B. but C. so D. or

【13】A. which B. when C. where D. who

【14】A. on B. in C. at D. for


A. didn’t hit B. wasn't hitting

C. wasn't hit D. isn't hit

四、阅读理解 (共1题,共5分)


  Two girls, one older and the other younger, became close friends as a result of the same misfortune they met with- -a fire made them lose their homes and their mothers. Both of them were disfigured and had several operations on their faces, yet they said they were fortunate enough to be alive.

Girl A (the older one ), returning from the hospital’s ICU to her bed, was scared and almost passed out at the first looking like a ghost, as she saw herself reflected by the stainless steel railings around her bed. She said,” I met a ghost on the railing. How horrible! I was really terrified, but I didn’t collapse(崩溃) completely. When is it that one feels grateful for his or her survival? It must be now like this. Thank goodness! I am still alive.”

The first phone call that Girl A gave to Girl B (the younger one) raised a question: “Do you know why I am so glad?” She gave the answer without waiting for a reply, “ Because when I got hold of a loop(吊圈) on a bar in the bus to make myself stand like others, I felt very happy that I had a pair of hands.”

Girl B’s words were also very moving. She replied, “Hey, you know, don’t be surprised by what I’m going to say. It was true. Let me ask you first. Do I look pretty? No, of course not. But before 11 years old I was pretty. I has snow-white skin, big eyes and a round face. I was also a wild kid. I think I’d grow up naughty if I was not properly educated. I would fall in love with other boys and become a bad girl, if I hadn’t met the disaster. I disliked going to school. I’d prefer playing all day long. If there were not such a fire, I wouldn’t have had chances of meeting so many kind strangers that help me to realize how wonderful life is. If there were not such an accident, I would grow into a beautiful lady. But now I am more considerate, grateful, hard-working and independent of others. Such a person as I am today will always be pretty all my life.”

We never know what is waiting for us ahead. Yet, we still have the right to choose a positive attitude to face it.

【1】The underlined word “disfigured” in Paragraph 1 means _____?

A. 厌恶的 B. 毁容的 C. 残疾的 D. 颓废的

【2】Why did Girl A almost pass out when seeing herself?

A. Because she couldn’t accept the changes on her face

B. Because she was too sad about the death of her mother

C. Because her operation was successful and she felt too excited.

D. Because she was too weak to keep awake after the operation.

【3】Which of the following statement is TRUE?

A. The older girl gave up hope completely in the hospital.

B. The younger girl felt happy when holding the loop in the bus.

C. The younger girl wanted to play all day long after the disaster.

D. The two girls didn’t give up their belief in life and still felt grateful.

【4】In what order did the following events take place in the story?

a. Two girls talked on the telephone.

b. A terrible fire happened.

c. The younger girl hated going to school.

d. The two girl’s mothers died.

e. The older girl had an operation on her face.

A. b-d-e-c-a B. b-d-a-c-e. C. c-b-d-e-a D. c-b-d-a-e

【5】What’s the best title of the story?

A. A terrible Fire B. Two Terrified Girls

C. Rise from the Fire D. An Encouraging Conversation

五、书面表达 (共1题,共5分)




1、   阅读使人睿智








注意:1.参考词汇:《朗读者》(Readers): 作品: works (n.)




The activity of “Reading in Guangzhou “has been held in Guangzhou for quite a while.


六、 (共1题,共5分)


  Sticking to a vegan diet might sound difficult. But in recent years, veganism(素食主义)has become a more popular lifestyle in many places.【1】 In the UK, about 542,000 people turned vegan during the last decade.

So why exactly has veganism become so popular?【2】The heat used to keep barns(畜棚)warm, the machines that process meat and even the animals' farts(屁)can result in more greenhouse gases. These factors are believed to account for 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to a 2013 study by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.【3】A growing number of people are also deciding that it's wrong to kill animals for food, according to BBC News. believes whether to Jess Murray, 22, is a student from London. He said that humans do not need to eat animals to survive. He believe whether to eat animals or not is an ethical(道德的)choice and has therefore chosen to become vegan.

【4】Vegan famous people are able to use social media to spread their message and share tips about living a vegan lifestyle.

But experts also want to remind people that meat is important for our health. A strict vegan diet cannot always offer the minerals and vitamins that a human body needs, depending on one's dietary choices.【5】.

A. So you may want to think it through before you decide to become a vegan.

B. This amount is even greater than that of all the world's cars, trains and planes together.

C. According to Huff Post, more than 3 million people in the US are vegans,

D. Social media is also believed to be behind the increase in veganism, according to BBC New.

E. One reason could be that people want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (排放)

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